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Happy Birthday Canada 150 Years!!

10 Canadian Fun FACTS about Travel Roller

1. The Travel Roller-The Worlds First Portable High Performance Foam Roller is a CANADIAN invention!  The roots of Travel Foam Rolling are from our igloos up in Calgary, AB Canada started in 2007. An entrepreneurs dream that started from High performance Canadian Athletes to help others be optimal and allow the everyday person to get the outstanding body care that a true athlete gets and needs daily.

Canadas Foam Roller

Canada’s Original Foam Roller

2.  We have Sponsored well over 150 Canadian Athletes.  Many of the Athletes have become successful Olympic medalists. Canadian Winter sports athletes from Bobsleigh athletes, skeleton, cross country, snowboarding, downhill skiing, speed skating and hockey. Canadian summer sports athletes from volleyball Canada, track & field, football, wresting, cycling, triathlon and rugby. We are thankful for all Canadians for all their support with the Travel Roller in turn helps us keep helping support Canadian Athletes who are underfunded, underpaid and can use all the help they can get.

3. Home Depot help us build it our self! The Travel Roller started out of a single car garage in Calgary, AB CANADA and the first saw and pipe were bought from Home Depot and balls from Canadian Tire. #homedepot #canadiantire

4. We have shipped to all 13 Provinces with Canada Post. Travel Roller has shipped most of the Travel Rollers to customers by Canada Post. We have shipped Travel Rollers to all corners of Canada to all of the 13 amazing Provinces.  #canadapost

5. The largest Travel Roller Education session was in Calgary, AB Canada at Can Fit Pro with over 150 Attendees, presented by late Adam Wood, BKin, CSCS. #canfitpro

6. Our You tube Channel has been viewed for over 3 Years on minutes. Around the globe   has been viewed 1,555,055 minutes (as of June 25, 2017) that’s a whopping almost 3 full years of viewing! Please subscribe to our channel.  #youtube

7. We have been a Canadian Business for over 10 Years. Grateful for all the opportunities, connections and support from all the local Canadian Businesses, which include some of the top Canadian Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, Yoga Studios, Fitness Trainers, Gyms, Fitness and Running stores all across Canada. Thank you Canada! We offer a fantastic wholesale reseller program.

8.  As of July st, 2017 Travel Roller has just Partnered with Snowboard Canada. We are super stoked to align with some very talented Athletes who are headed to the 2018 Olympics in Pyeong Chang. Go Team Canada. #snowboardcanada


Snowboard Canada Rolling

9. We are environmentally responsible company. We care deeply for our environment by producing a product that is earth friendly and human friendly. Made of toxin free materials without off gassing, that is made durable and the outer foam can be replaced infinitely.  Compared to the mass produced foam rollers which will end up in landfills in a few years because they are made cheap and full of chemicals like rubber and PVC and phthalates.  Travel Roller is make with quality materials which will not fill up landfills like other imitation foam rollers that will expire over time, and are not biodegradable at all! We chose the environment over mass production!

10.  We think Canada is the greatest Country in the World. The Travel Roller would not be possible without all the freedoms and opportunities, for business, healthcare, female entrepreneurs, forward thinking and most of all extremely nice people. Honestly, Canadians are just really nice people!!

Happy Canada Day Everyone!!


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