How do I clean my Travel Roller?

Gently remove the outer covering from the inner pipe. Use Luke warm dish soap. Do not use anything abrasive to rub the surface of the foam. Do not use heat or it may result in shrinking or changing of shape.

How Do I adjust to harder setting of foam?

How do I put my Travel Roller back together?


What is the Travel Roller Material Made of?

The Travel Roller is make of TPE (thermopastic elaspomer). This is a toxin free elastic plastic. The Travel Roller Products have been MSD tested and contains no harmful toxins, like mercury, led, arsenic, phthalates or cancer causing chemicals. TPE is latex free.

Made of:
Travel Roller -TPE
Travel Roller -TRball Elite and Pro- TPE
Travel Roller TPE Mobility band (in the Kit) TPE
Acupressure Balls (3densities) -PVC (phaltate free)
Inner Core/pipe- ABS

Are the Travel Roller and balls safe for people with a latex allergy?

In general, Thermoplastics are considered latex-free. Copied below are links to websites that give you a more detailed discussion in this regard. To the best of our knowledge, there is very little if any concern regarding the use of Thermoplastics in latex-allergic individuals. However, it is always best to follow the advice cited in the quote copied below from the latex support group. One of the links copied below leads directly to their website.

Time2Roll Inc. can not guarantee that there is no latex in all of the products, and must be used at your own risk. We have gone the extra mile to make our products as clean as possible and can tell you we have never had any known issue with anyone reacting to our products. The Travel Roller foam is the same as a Nike TPE yoga mat (if you need to research more).

Is the Travel Roller Foam Antibacterial?

The foam we use for the Travel Rollers is a closed cell foam which resists bacterial growth as it does not act like a sponge to harmful bacteria and diseases transmitted by skin contact. The closed cell foam- stays firm and does not break down. It is washable and waterproof. The outer foam sleeves can also be replaced over time as all other solid foam rollers must be thrown out. Travel Rollers can be cleaned with antibacterial soap in luke warm soapy water. (do not put in the washing machine or heat)