THIS IS HOW WE ROLL® The complete course to high performance foam rolling for total body health & wellness.

Course format

  • This course can be completed in 4.5 hours. It is an online course with 4 hours of Video lessons workshop and over 30 mins of additional reading text content, photos, diagrams woven into each module. We recommend this course be taken over 14-16 Days active workshop 15 mins/day. A gradual approach to not overload the body or create injury while rolling of the tissues and experience the high performance effects of advanced self-myofascial release.
  • Assessment of Completion will be video course progression, must complete all lessons to get course certificate, plus complete final quiz.
  • Equipment Needed- Firm Foam Roller and a massage ball.


  • Become a foam rolling expert -Learn How, When, What to Foam Roll -Pre/Post-Workout Methods, injury prevention, rehab strategies for your clients and yourself.
  • Learn how Improve mobility, posture, flexibility while improving mental health with daily foam rolling and recovery for better self-care.
  • Improve body awareness, strengthen your clients core and stability Self myofasical release -Structural integration techniques.
  • Learn in depth about Fascia. How to High-Performance Foam Roll & stretch Fascia Lines – Superficial Back, Front, Lateral, Deep front and Arm lines
  • Learn how to help your clients overcoming Back pain, Neck, It band pain, Lower/Upper crossed syndrome and general aches and pains and syndromes on the entire body
  • Nutrition for Healthy Fascia, Muscles and Recovery


All Lessons are based on Video Progression plus text lessons within the course.

  1. Introduction to Self-Myofascial Release- Why we Foam Roll & finding your why (10 mins)
  2. This is how we roll® Method – Achieving maximum results with self- myofascial release & foam rolling using the correct technique. Are you ready to roll? Accessing a clients ability to perform core movements, tripoding and how to get into ground based foam rolling. How to foam roll safely, effectively and advance skillfully with, core stabilization, fascia glide within the muscle tissues and anatomy of the muscles. Introduction to Pre-Generation & Regeneration (20 mins)
  3. What is Fascia and the Benefits of Foam Rolling. What is Self Myofascial Release, Fascia Lines & Anatomy Trains, WHAT TO ROLL: Fascia, Muscles Groups & Myofascial Trigger Points and getting a client to understand what to roll and how to do it best on the entire body while improving body awareness. (11 mins)
  4. What is Lower Crossed Syndrome: Learn about Dr. Janda’s Lower Crossed syndrome. How to fix lower back pain using a foam roller. Active sequence with corrective deep myofascial releases and stability exercises to address lower crossed syndrome. (12 mins)
  5. Learn and practice Fascia Glide on a foam roller to get to Dense pack connective tissue. Learn about the compound effect of foam rolling, how small self- care massage sessions add up to big results over time. (8 mins)
  6. Learn about “Tech Neck” and how to use a foam roller against a wall and trigger point balls to fix tight shoulders and neck pain caused by Upper Crossed Syndrome coined by Dr. Janda. Office ergonomics and improve posture and reduce neck tension caused by looking down at cellphones and computers. (6 mins)
  7. How to manage Upper Back Pain, improve thoracic spine mobility and flexibility with these sequences combined with breathing. (8 mins)
  8. Functional Mobility Movement sequence routine to dynamically improve mobility through movement exploring range of motion and opening, lengthening fascia lines. Why it’s important to have mobility before stability in corrective exercise. Learn how to restore function with foam rolling specific body releases before loading the body with weight and exercise for an optimal body and wellness. (20 mins)
  9. Learn how to do a Pre-exercise activation sequence used by Athletes. Explore the Science of autogenic inhibition and Ischemic Compression. Learn different styles and techniques of Foam rolling for advanced Recovery VS exercise. (6 min)
  10. Learn and roll through the Superficial Front line. Roll through the anatomy and sequence using the This is how we roll Method. (6 mins)
  11. Learn and roll through the Superficial Back line. Roll through the anatomy and sequence using the This is how we roll Method® (7 mins)
  12. Learn and roll through the Lateral line. Roll through the IT band properly without injury and understanding IT band syndrome, plus stretches to improve flexibility along the lateral fascial line. (11 mins)
  13. How to give your lower back a reset and pain relief. Learn how to foam roll your lower back properly while avoiding injury, massage your QL’s with a massage ball and turn on your pelvic floor and activate your transverse abdominus to prevent lower back pain. (11 mins)
  14. Office Mobility Tune up. Simple wrist, neck and chair exercises that can help improve office mobility while you work at your desk using myofascial release. Improve mental health and physical wellbeing at work, great for workplace wellness. (10 mins)
  15. How to Foam Roll the Deep front line: The myofascial core of our body and how it’s connected to our emotional system and our breath plus releasing stuck emotional tension and improving body awareness. (13 mins)
  16. How to take your foam rolling to the next level- Now that you are a foam rolling expert. You can apply these sequences rolling through the fascia lines into a mind body meditation that is highly therapeutic, relaxing and healing. (20 mins)
  17. Learn how to get in the Optimal Healing zone by activating our Parasympathetic Nervous System (PSNS). Harnessing the power of the Vagus Nerve -Relaxing, breathing, rolling and Letting Go. Explore the difference in the Parasympathetic Nervous System and the Autonomic Nervous system. Learn how to foam roll through the upper cervical vertebrae and practice and teach belly breathing (12 mins)
  18. Learn how to roll through the Arm fascia line and lats, shoulders pecs, forearms while adding in mental health affirmations and meditations. (15 mins)
  19. Nutrition for Healthy Fascia and Muscles- How to eat healthy to improve collagen and elasticity of muscles and joints to reduce inflammation, lower cortisol, improve BMI, and better recovery using superfoods and better meal timing. (20 mins)

Instructor: Arysta Bogner, B.Kin, CPT, Master Trainer, CEO and Creator of the Travel Roller® Educator, Presenter, Fitness Expert