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If you are wondering what a Master Case of Travel Rollers and TR Balls looks like, Check out this video below:   Current color of Travel Rollers for Wholesale is BOLD BLACK and TRUTH BLUE. Thanks for shopping local!

Foam roller mix

There are several features of the Travel Roller, which are unique and thus make this product stand apart from other ‘foam rollers’. First and foremost is it’s size. The curvature is such that you can reach the toned/tight areas of the axilla and groin much easier and with much greater specificity. It is short and light, which as it’s name suggests facilitate travel. The surface material is ‘tacky’ and holds the superficial layers of fascia firm while the deeper layers of fascia can be accessed by ‘rolling/translating from the inside out’ and not merely sliding on the roller. The Travel Roller is a highly useful clinical tool and at Diane Lee & Associates – Consultants in Physiotherapy, we have one in every treatment room and highly endorse the product to our patients.

Diane Lee,

“The Travel Rollers are simply the best rollers on the planet—a big call, I know, but we have had more experience with these devices than most. We have made the TRs the cornerstone of a new approach to stretching called RollStretch, and one that emphasizes fascia, that new ‘darling’ of anatomical research. What most people don’t know is that body workers of many kinds, including Rolfers, Treger workers, and Heller workers have focused on this substance, and have been doing so for 50+ years. I mention this because there are many in the fitness world who are discovering that working with fascia can facilitate amazing changes in the body, and everyone thinks that this is a new discovery. It is not.
What is new is the TR: a hard plastic cylinder, encased in two layers of foam, the second layer allows an increasing in the hardness of the pressure when the body can accept this, as well as allowing washing of the layers, too, should that be necessary. Inside the cylinder are three balls of differing hardness which allow particular points to be targeted—piriformis is a common favorite.”

Kit Laughlin,