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TRAVEL ROLLER FEATURES that set it apart from other foam rollers

Travel Roller Features

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Testimonial from World Renowned Physiotherapist Diane Lee BSR FCAMT CGIMS:

“There are several features of the Travel Roller, which are unique and thus make this product stand apart from other ‘foam rollers’.  First and foremost is it’s size.  The curvature is such that you can reach the toned/tight areas of the axilla and groin much easier and with much greater specificity.  It is short and light, which as it’s name suggests facilitate travel. The surface material is ‘tacky’ and holds the superficial layers of fascia firm while the deeper layers of fascia can be accessed by ‘rolling/translating from the inside out’ and not merely sliding on the roller. The Travel Roller is a highly useful clinical tool and at Diane Lee & Associates – Consultants in Physiotherapy, we have one in every treatment room and highly endorse the product to our patients.”


*The Travel Roller® is made from earth-friendly TPE foam. It contains no-PVC, no-BPA, no-rubber material and in-fact the ORIGINAL ‘revolutionary’ dual density foam roller. Designed & developed in Canada 2007. As seen on Dragons Den 2012.


*The TR4.3 is the most “ergonomically correct” body roller for all customers under 6’4″ in height. This is very important, as most competing products and even ‘normal’ foam rollers are far too big for people shorter than 6’4”. The rollers need to ‘fit’ into the tissues and joints of the body in the ergonomically correct fashion hence the 4.3 inches in diameter. If the customer is 6’5″ or taller then recommend they use a regular professional foam roller. Aspects such as the cervical vertebrae of the neck and thoracic vertebrae of the upper back are most effectively released using the ergonomically correct Travel Roller design.

*NEW double foam layer design –Adhesive free. This makes for the ultimate earth friendly design and each layer can be removed to allow customers to select Hard or Soft ‘settings’. Users can effectively release the smallest and largest areas of their body as they see fit.

*All-in-one BEST tool. The TR4.3 effectively and quickly gets into all areas of the calves, back and quads without multiple tools or ‘blocks’ to position things on etc. Simply; the Travel Roller is the best “regeneration and activation tool” that effectively treat fascia of the entire body! Replaceable foam covering are an added bonus to the customer and the environment. When the outer foam expires it can be replaced.


*Travel Roller® does not deform or lose its compression/shape/feel as the foam is a true closed cell foam & grippy property that unwinds Fascia. EVA foam rollers or competing products to the Travel Roller soften considerably with use and this is a big difference with body rollers, users need the rollers to stay consistent over every session of rolling so they can develop the correct awareness of what is tight and how things are changing in there bodies. If the roller they are using is changing then they will be wasting their time rolling as they are only softening a foam roller instead of loosening their muscles.

If the Diameter is too big then it wont be effective in release.


*Travel Roller® is designed for traveling and personal/home use as it is only 12.5” long and 4” in diameter. Add the hollow storage area filled with a users water bottle, stretching band and massage balls you can understand why the Travel Roller goes everywhere.

Also can fit a bottle of wine inside!



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