Why your Body Needs Recovery -Train With Tish & Arysta Bogner




In this episode, Tish talks to Arysta Bogner. She is the creator of the Original #TRAVELROLLER. The Travel Roller® was created as a self-therapy tool to rehab athletic injuries and chronic body pain. After a combined decade of research into myofascial release in the world of high-performance sport, injury rehabilitation, and fitness the Original Travel Roller® was born. Over 15,000 hand-built prototypes were created from 2007 to 2010.

Arysta shares how Travel Roller started, and foam rollers (benefits, functions, and how to use them)

14 Day Reset Course – How to Foam roll and Beginner to advanced lessons:

14 Day Reset + 16 more days of “bells and whistles of healing and recovery”: Roll yourself healthy foam rolling program

STRONG BODIES PODCAST Notes:  (02:52): How did Travel Roller start?  (11:08): What is Chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE)? (14:48): Professionals who used Travel Roller products (21:15): Foam rollers: Benefits, functions, and how to use them (24:49): Foam rolling recovery & healing transformation program and courses (33:26): Determining good recovery habits

Quote Notes:

“I think strong women like us, can really help others and inspire and change the world.” – Arysta Bogner

“Healing and being your true – authentic self and sharing your truth, doesn’t have to be with other people, it can be with yourself.” – Arysta Bogner

“Even if you haven’t experienced trauma, maybe you just feel burnt out or you feel stressed, or a lot of people are anxious, they feel depressed. And I’m trying to take you to that next level of inspiration, happiness, and joy so you can live your life without pain.” – Arysta Bogner

“You don’t have to train so hard, but recovery should be a huge part of your life.” – Arysta Bogner

“We’re constantly running around, doing this and doing that, running after kids, and doing our careers and forgetting about what is important – TO TAKE CARE OF OURSELVES. It’s a good reminder to make sure that you’re recovering.” – Tish

This is what it includes – and read more about her HERE.

14 Day Total Body RESET:

  • Expert coaching to Improve mobility, posture & mental/physical health.
  • Easy to follow -daily workouts & lessons 5-10 mins with expert cuing + 20mins workouts
  • Become a foam rolling recovery expert -Learn How, When, What to Foam Roll -Pre/Post-Workout Methods
  • Weekly Full Body Functional Fitness Mobility Flows & Stability Exercises + Core Workouts
  • Learn the magic of Fascia. High-Performance Foam Roll & stretch Fascia Lines -Back, Front, Lateral
  • Weekly mind-body rolling guided meditations with breathing, affirmations, intentions & positivity
  • Overcoming Back pain, Neck, It band pain, Lower/Upper crossed syndrome and general aches and pains
  • Abs Made in the Kitchen Bonus, Guided Meditation Bonus, Ab Challenge Bonus +1 Year access + Free Travel Roller shipped to you in North America Value $75

We are joining forces as I can help her clients with strength, but more importantly, she can help you!

Free travel roller shipped to you as well!!!


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