Importance of foam rolling

Importance of Foam Rolling with Arysta Bogner – Funk Roberts Over 40 Alpha podcast

New Podcast: Importance of Foam Rolling For Men Over 40 With Arysta Bogner #funkroberts  #over40alphapodcast #alphamale

I’ve got a riddle for you today…

What can help get out knots in your muscles, improve flexibility, help reduce muscle soreness and pain, and is like having a massage with a therapist whose hands never get tired?

It’s a foam roller!

Foam rollers are almost magical when it comes to their benefits …  and they are super simple to use once you know the basics.

And in today’s new podcast episode #36, I speak with Arysta Bogner, who is an international fitness model, mobility coach, and a passionate entrepreneur known for creating the Travel Roller.

She is also an expert on self-massage (foam rolling)!

Arysta suffered through athletic burnout and years of chronic back pain, weight gain, and postural imbalances, among other physical issues.

That’s why, in 2007, she decided to grow a life-changing brand from the ground up that is now a must-have tool for top trainers, chiropractors, physiotherapists, athletes, and physical therapy patients. She’s here today to share all the benefits from this amazing product that will do wonders to your body and save you from injury.

Stay tuned and get ready to start rolling!

“We gotta get the broken people to baseline and then from baseline to awesome” – Arysta Bogner

In this episode:

–       How Arysta went from being overweight and suffering to being almost 40 and a super mom with a 6 pack

–       What inspired her to get foam rolling started

–       What exactly is foam rolling and what does it do to your body?

–       Benefits you will get from foam rolling

–       Best time in the day to roll and get fully activated

–       How much time to take in the day to get your rolling done

–       The proper way to roll to get to the right structure and see your tissues change

–       Different types of foam rollers and what type to stay away from

–       Why is foam rolling so awesome, and what are the top 3 key areas in the body that you should be rolling?

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