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A New Solution To Protect Your Neck

A New Solution To Protect Your Neck

The posture of your neck can have serious implications to your health. It can negatively affect your neck joints and muscles and lead to issues in mood and sleep. 

The result for many is neck pain, while for others, it’s muscle tension, headaches & fatigue. It can affect lung volume and breathing. It can affect an entire quality of life.

The reality is we look down every day. We look down when we: use phones and electronic devices, read, knit & sew, cook meals, clean dishes, and workout. We look down even when we walk. 

According to 2019 phone use statistics, the average time spent on smartphones and tablets is 261 minutes a day (4hrs 33mins). That’s a lot!

The effect adds up after so many small repeated stressors. Minute after minute. Hour after hour. Day after day. Until it becomes a problem and it’s too late.

It’s not that you look down once, it’s that you look down so often and for so long. 

The impact:

The the head of an average adult weights around 10-12 pounds in a neutral position. It is shown that as the head tilts forward the forces that the head places on the neck increases significantly to 27 pounds at 15 degrees, 40 pounds at 30 degrees, 49 pounds at 45 degrees and 60 pounds at 60 degrees.

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Therefore the typical texting position can increase the weight of the head by 5 times. This means that looking down at a cell phone can be equal to placing a 60-pound weight on one’s neck.

The muscles, tendons, and ligaments dampen the stresses seen by the neck (cervical spine). These are the body structures that take the repeated insult over time and become injured. As these important supports give way, it then places unnecessary stress on the joints and discs creating excessive wear over time.

However, the risk and harm that comes with looking down can be alleviated, and even prevented.


There is a strong correlation between the drop angle of your phone and the amount of bending of your neck. 

Prevention is the best medicine. You don’t need pain to be proactive and avoid neck pain. To best prevent harm to your neck, we have to look at two factors: avoid or limit the stressors on the neck to decrease the repeated impact and care for the neck on a consistent basis to ensure muscle health and recovery to offset the demands of everyday life.

When pain does exist, we can also use these excellent strategies to speed recovery. We need to stop aggravating it, and also speed the recovery to alleviate the condition or pain.

The solution: Neck Advisor App

Neck Advisor can alleviate and limit the daily repeated stress on your neck when looking at your device. When the Neck Advisor app is activated into ‘protect mode’, you will be notified when the drop angle of the phone is too low, and gently reminded to adjust to a proper neck posture to lessen the stress on your neck. Because everyone has individual differences, the phone drop angle can be adjusted to a level that is suitable for a helpful notification. If you can maintain proper neck alignment at a lower phone drop angle than someone else, you can adjust for that. 

Neck Advisor also provides safe and effective self-massage foam roller therapy  videos and instructions to show you the proper technique for therapeutic massage on your neck. The neck does not need to have pain for it to be beneficial and prevent neck pain. If pain does exist, the rolling techniques, when done right and often enough, can alleviate many sources of pain in the neck. 

By avoiding the regular chin drop, that typically occurs when using a smartphone or tablet, and using therapeutic foam roller therapy, you will avoid hurting your neck, speed up the recovery of your neck, and ultimately protect your neck the best way you can. 

Download the app, turn your Neck Advisor to ‘protect mode’ and start your daily roller therapy routine, we know you’ll feel great!

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