5 Amazing things you CAN do with a Travel Roller that you CAN’T do with a Foam Roller

5 Amazing things you CAN do with a Travel Roller that you CAN’T do with a Foam Roller

Did you know there’s 5 things you can do with a Travel Roller that can’t

be done with foam rollers?  Start by watching this video…

1) You CAN ROLL ANYWHERE with the Travel Roller


A Foam Roller CAN’T travel with you everywhere. It is big and bulky and is impossible to travel with. Many people try to save money and cut it in half to but that still wont work as it’s not hollow on the inside, so it takes up too much room in your suitcase or gym bag.  Since you can’t bring it with you, you are less likely to use it as often which will have a negative effect on the recovery and regeneration of your body. The Travel Roller was designed to fix this problem, now you can have access

to your 24/7 own portable massage.

With the Original Travel Roller you can pretty much roll anywhere! It is designed so you can take it

with you to the gym, use at home, pack in your suitcase on vacation or your backpack to an athletic

event around the world. It only weighs 1.5 lbs. and it’s hollow inside with a solid inner core that does

not break down, which also is used for inner storage. It’s amazingly convenient to store your water bottle,

cell phone, keys, acupressure balls and mobility bands inside for the most convenience all-in-one portable

self massage tool on the market!  While on vacation, it even fits a bottle of wine inside while traveling….

can your foam roller do that?

Cross Fit athletes - mobility tools

Cross Fit athletes and their mobility tools – a must have!

2) You CAN get a deep-precise massage

With the Travel Roller you can simply, quickly and effectively self-massage all areas of the body. Seamlessly you can roll deeply through the calves, hamstrings, glutes, quads, back and neck or any area that is in pain or tight.  It’s quickly and effectively because it’s so maneuverable, smaller 4.3 inches in diameter and just the right firmness to get a deep massage. Plus it actually creates muscle function and removes muscle inhibition.

You can’t get as deep with a foam roller because it has a large 5.5-6 inch diameter which covers too much surface area and therefore squashes too much tissue at once. The size and softer density is ineffective in creating a physiological effect the tissue. It very hard to pinpoint any trigger point areas and apply enough pressure on the roller because its simply too big and the foam compresses over time! Let alone its super awkward to maneuver your body on it on the floor.

Travel Roller Do's and Don'ts

Be cautious of your neck… diameter of roller is important.

You can see in this ergonomic comparison photo of the Travel Roller VS a Foam Roller and the difference the roller diameter makes in the position of the neck.  A standard foam roller actually puts strain on the body and potentially puts it in a compromised position for risk of increased injury. Whereas the Travel Roller feels amazing under the neck and you can apply the perfect amount of compression using your body weight on these intricate small and important muscles of the body with little effort, like the neck.

3) You CAN grip the skin (just like human touch massage)

Travel Roller has extreme grip that allows you to do some advanced foam rolling moves by shearing of the skin. Not only can you foam roll back and forth but you can apply a rocking side–to-side technique which is highly effective to create an change in the myo-fascia. This “grippy” feeling mimics the touch of a skin from a skilled therapist hands. With this “grippy” foam property you can perform a variety of advanced moves on the body with very little effort like releasing the Lateral Compartment of the Lower Leg.

Roll the lateral line of the leg for improved muscle function.

Roll the lateral line of the leg for improved muscle function.

Try this amazing lower leg release move for improved muscle function. You can feel the precise massage by gripping the skin on the lower leg and moving it back and forth, while applying myo-fascia compression using your top leg and hand pushing down on your knees, at the same time as you rock your leg gently back and forth. This rolling move is great for Runners, Hockey players, Cross Fitters, Yoga Enthusiasts, Women who wear high heels and anyone who walks a lot.

A normal foam roller is very slippery, this is not good, property for massaging the skin as it does not mimic a real massage from a skilled therapist hand contact. With a normal foam roller you can not do advanced intricate movements like this one.

 4) You CAN Roll on any surface

A foam roller and other EVA type foam rollers are very slippery and can be dangerous, so please use with caution as it may increase the risk of injury, as it may slip out from you, which is ironic as the purpose is to prevent injury. The Travel Roller grips nicely to all gym floors, at home carpets and yoga mats.

Travel Roller vs Foam Roller? No contest!

Travel Roller vs Foam Roller? No contest!

Another amazing benefit of the Travel Roller is that it sticks to the wall and other surfaces; which allows you to use the wall to deeply massage the upper body.  This is a great beginner move where you can get deeply into the upper traps and massage sore, tight shoulders with the Travel Roller wall rolling techniques.

Travel Roller Wall Shoulder Mashing

Advanced Chiropractors using the Travel Roller on the wall

5) You CAN wash and sanitize the Travel Roller

Take the Travel Roller anywhere

Travel Roller is washable and waterproof, made of a closed cell foam that resists bacteria and sweat.  In comparison a foam roller, it is typically very porous and can be a breeding ground at gyms for bacteria, sweat and moisture. Foam Rollers are highly unsanitary especially using them at the gym or sharing them on a team.

As we know people detox through the release of sweat. Rolling on someone else’s sweat, dead skin cells and dirt from the floor is kind of disgusting if you think of it! Travel Roller is your own personal foam roller – once you get rolling it will be hard to share your best little rolling friend, that will tag along with you anywhere your mobility takes you!

For less than the price of one visit to your therapist, the Travel Foam Roller packs some impressive benefits that most people say they can’t live without!

Take the Travel Roller anywhere…


Arysta Head ShotAuthor Bio:

Arysta Bogner, B. Kin,  Fitness Expert &  CEO of Time2Roll Inc.

Arysta is an international fitness model, mobility coach and entrepreneur who is the creator of the Travel Roller®. Arysta holds a Bachelor of Honors in Kinesiology from the University of Western Ontario. She has won numerous fitness titles and has a diverse fitness experience in dance, yoga, weight-loss, body sculpting and holistic health & rehabilitation. Arysta suffered through athletic burnout and years of chronic pain and injury.  The inception of the Original Travel Roller® – the worlds first portable high performance foam roller was created in 2007. It became Arysta’s 24/7 massage therapist and it completely rehabilitated her body through daily SMR (self-myofascial release), she has since become a foam rolling and self-myofascial release expert. Arysta has helped hundreds of thousands of people achieve a pain free body with a better aligned posture, improved flexibility and enhanced athletic performance with the Travel Roller® products.  Be sure to connect with her on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Linked-in.


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