Top 3 Foam Rolling Exercises for Better Posture:


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 There are so many great exercises you can do with your foam roller, here are the top ones you can not afford to miss out on, no matter your age, or skill level. Its time to put these moves into your rolling repertoire.



1) Piriformis (Glutes) – Position your glutes on the Travel Roller. Make sure you are using a firm foam roller like the Travel Roller or your results might be limited in the amount of pressure you can get with your foam roller.


Locate that Trigger Point Area that is really tight! This is the area you want to work in a rocking and rolling motion and wiggling side to side for 1-2 mins per side.


For extra pinpointed trigger point release take out your acupressure balls located inside your Travel Roller and position the softer ball directly on the sore knot. Work through again in a wiggling motion to relieve the tension and pain.  Again work through with the Acupressure massage ball for 1-2mins adjusting the position of the ball to the most comfortable position for you.


2) Upper Back -The second best area to foam roll is your upper back. The thoracic spine is a mobile joint that often gets restricted by poor posture, improper movement and lifting and a weak core.


Position your body so you can perform a thoracic extension, by arching your upper back over the foam roller trying to relax and unwind your upper back.


While you are applying pressure on your upper back, you might feel your spine adjust, just keep breathing into the foam roller and relax. Try doing some active lateral stretches side to side to lengthen your spine muscles and to help achieve a better posture.


3) Quads- The third most critical area to target on your body for better posture is your quadriceps. These quad muscles get massively overloaded on a day to day basis and will most likely make you squirm as you foam roll them. Remember no pain no gain! The more healthy and supple your quads are the more mobile you will feel with excellent posture.
Roll from your hips towards your knees in a rolling side to side motion that sheers the skin and your body weight provides compression for effective self-myofascial release. Roll for 1-2 mins per side, longer if necessary for extra regeneration.



Try to roll these areas for 5-10mins before you go to bed for optimal posture and foam rolling recovery!!
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