Self Myofascial Release with Rob Ritches

We’ve featured Fitness Athlete Rob Riches in the Travel Roller blog before . The man is an absolutely incredible person and truly a leader in the fitness industry and check out those ripped abs. Here’s his personal take on self-myofascial release using his favorite stretching tool: the Travel Roller!

IT Band
Watch the video below to learn how Rob Rolls out for recovery as a pre-warm up and training recovery.

Here is  what you don’t see behind the scenes in his sports massage and foam rolling to break apart the adhesion’s in his muscle. Applying deep pressure using the Travel Roller to break up those painful adhesion’s rob rolls before and after workouts.  You can also use the Travel Roller during squat workouts to get deeper and more range of motion in the squat and other exercises.

For the lower body Rob likes to FoamRoll the Quads, ITband, hamstrings and glutes, calves to recover after workouts. Rolling from the insertion of the muscle all the way down the length of the muscle and pausing on any adhesion’s and rocking slightly and breathing into the tight painful spot allowing it to release. 

You can increase the pressure on the Travel Roller with piling the other leg on top so you can vary the pressure based on your pain threshold. 

Rob uses the Travel Roller 15-20mins 3x/ week. (2-3mins per body part)



Rob also uses the Travel Roller Acupressure Balls with variable densities to pin point the calves and feet or in any area to work out knots and adhesion’s.   Pick up your Travel Roller Complete Foam Rolling Kit here



Check out the videos in how he uses it to get a perfectly sculpted yet flexible and mobile body that recovers faster.


Want abs like Robs?!  You can learn more about his diet and nutrition and body sculpting at




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