Roll Yourself Healthy™ 30 Day Program -Includes FREE TR4.3 + TRBALL PRO


  • Do you feel stressed burned out, suffering from body pain, need a mind/body reset -You need a recovery program!
  • 30 Day Holistic foam rolling Transformation Program -Includes Sequenced 30day program/course. Alternating Mobility, Recovery, stability, strength, core workouts, meditations, mindset resets.
  • Easy to follow -Daily workouts & lessons 5-10 mins with expert guided instruction & motivation, learning. Recovery, injury prevention, total holistic wellness.
  • Become a foam rolling expert -Learn How, When, What to Foam Roll +Secrets to Fix your body pains (150mins)
  • Weekly Full Body Functional Fitness Mobility Flows & Stability Exercises + Core Workouts (75mins)
  • Foam Roll Master Class & Learn about 7 Fascia Lines – Back, Front, Deep Front, Arm, Lateral, Functional, Spiral Lines
  • Tap into your powers with 4 Deep Regen sessions 20 mins each – Grounding, Forgiveness, Self-Love, Mindfulness, Letting Go (75mins)
  • Weekly mind-body rolling guided meditations: breathing, affirmations, intentions & positive energy shifts.
  • Overcoming Back pain, Neck, It band pain, Lower/Upper crossed syndrome, Piriformis and aches & pains.
  • BONUS: Abs made in the Kitchen Nutrition Secrets and Recipes, Inspiration, Right Brain creativity, attaining Flow-filled life. (90mins)
  •  DONATE $20 to “ROLL A FRIEND HEALTHY” initiative helping others struggling with mental health & concussions after completing this course
  • INCLUDES FREE  (Black) TRAVEL ROLLER 4.3 & TR BALL PRO + Shipping in North America. (VALUE $90) Or if you have your own foam roller email us for $20 off for a discount (no roller).