Roll Yourself Healthy™ Heal Physical & Emotional Pain in 30 Days FREE Travel Roller 4.3 + TRBALL PRO + VIP Consult

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  • Do you feel stressed burned out, suffering from body & emotional pain? This is the Ultimate mind/body/healing recovery program!
  • Includes 30 mins VIP Virtual Consult with Arysta Bogner (creator of the Travel Roller) to help you achieve your individual goals.
  • 30 Day Holistic foam rolling Transformation Program -Sequenced course. Alternating Mobility, Recovery, stability, strength, core workouts, meditations, mindset resets.
  • Easy to follow -Daily workouts & lessons 5-10 mins with expert guided instruction & motivation, learning. Recovery, injury prevention, total holistic wellness.
  • Become a foam rolling expert -Learn How, When, What to Foam Roll +Secrets to Fix your body pains (150mins)
  • Weekly Full Body Functional Fitness Mobility Flows & Stability Exercises + Core Workouts (75mins)
  • Foam Roll Master Class & Learn about 7 Fascia Lines – Back, Front, Deep Front, Arm, Lateral, Functional, Spiral Lines
  • 4 Deep Regen sessions 20 mins each – Grounding, Forgiveness, Self-Love, Mindfulness, Letting Go (75mins)
  • Weekly mind-body rolling guided meditations: breathing, affirmations, intentions & positive energy shifts.
  • Overcoming Back pain, Neck, It band pain, Lower/Upper crossed syndrome, Piriformis and aches & pains.
  • BONUS: Abs in the Kitchen Nutrition Secrets & Recipes, Right Brain Alpha wave -attaining Flow-filled life. (90mins)
  • Includes FREE  (Black) Travel Roller 4.3 & TRBall Pro + Shipping. (VALUE $90)
  • Lifetime ACCESS


Reviews (2)

2 reviews for Roll Yourself Healthy™ Heal Physical & Emotional Pain in 30 Days FREE Travel Roller 4.3 + TRBALL PRO + VIP Consult

  1. travelroller

    As a beginner that is not knowledgeable about body mechanics and fascia, I have REALLY enjoyed the benefits of the rolling program and appreciate Arysta’s knowledge and enthusiasm. I look forward to being able to return to the lessons regularly!The lessons/upper cross syndrome seems to have worked through the tension in my upper back, which was a chronic issue. I am also feeling less stress and the relaxing meditations will continue to help with that! The 30 days program has been invaluable and the best investment I have provided myself! Shauna

  2. travelroller

    The Roll Yourself Healthy – 30 Day Healing Program was the best investment and gift to me. Arysta’s program is beautifully designed to strengthen your body, create a better range of motion, flexibility, and mobility. 
    I am an active woman living her best life in her 60’s and I will never stop rolling. During this program, I reached the three intentions that I set out for myself. I lost inches, inflammation reduced, and transformed myself mentally, emotionally, and physically.  This course is truly about healing, letting go of stuck stress, and allowing my body to Flow and stay healthy. ~Janise

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