Functional Foam Rolling™ – Course Level 1


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The Functional Foam Rolling™ courses will revolutionize foam rolling and evolve the foam roller techniques from the traditional self-massage strategy into a method for improving and restoring muscle function. FFR further standardizes foam rolling into a specific, reproducible method for effective foam rolling. (*up to 14 CEU’s availble for Alberta Chiropractors, Physios, Trainers, Health Pros), 4 CEU credit for Can Fit Pro.

Course Attendees will receive 190+ page theory workbook written by Dr. Ryan Emmons. Course Taught by Dr. Emmons. Bring your own Roller & discounts available to participants to purchase.

Level 1 e-book manual – Roll release techniques.

Course Objectives:
– Understand the fundamental basics of foam rolling
– Learn how to roll every major muscle in the body
– Learn all body position modifications and variations
– Understand indications and rationale for foam rolling
– Learn basic assessment of muscles to evaluate function and dysfunction
– Learn basic assessment of muscles to evaluate foam rolling outcome success
– Develop protocols for correcting local, individual muscle function

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