Wow!  It’s hard to believe that Travel Roller has been making high quality foam rolling and the pioneers of body rolling with hard foam rollers and massage balls since 2007. We have helped heal and make the lives better of hundreds of thousands of people, athletes, teams and moms and office workers since it unveiling in Oct 2007 in Banff, AB  CANADA during a Corporate Wellness Retreat.

The road has not been easy – being the World’s first Travel-Friendly solid inner core foam roller on the market in Canada and US in early 2008.  The world is flooded with all sorts of foam rollers and mobility tools.

People need a reminder, that this type of development came from unique thinkers and real people solving a problem for everyday people with love and compassion. Here are few throw back videos of our origin story!

One thing is for sure Foam Rolling and SMR (self-myofasical release) is so hot right now in fitness!  Everybody is Rolling!!

Check out the testimonial from Arysta and learn what was the science of foam rolling that really changed her body with Dr. Ryan Emmons. —>

Since all Foam Rollers are not created equally, every persons results are not going to be equal.  Here is Arysta- shattered beyond belief in 2007 when the Travel Roller was created out of in need of desperate pain relief from debilitating back pain, It band pain, neck/shoulder pain and cellulite over the whole body.

Arysta first rolled on the prototype pink Travel Roller for 1 hour a day in different areas of the body for 6 weeks. And then tapered regeneration sessions to before workouts and evening recovery min of 3x week. Even though she is smiling, its a sigh of relief compared to the day to day pain. Some days it would just be compression work 30 mins on each quad. It was that bad! But the Travel Roller saved the day… soon exercise and energy returned. She was able to get in so much volume of massage that was absolutely necessary for recovery!

Everyone’s body is different and this was an extreme example combined with alot of discipline. Your foam rolling starting sessions will depend on the level of body dysfunction and strain inhibition of the body and exercise routine.   Here are some before and after photos of what the incorporating specifically the Travel Roller on Arysta’s body consistently over a span of 8 years from 2007-2014 in combination with a healthy lifestyle, good nutrition and moderate exercise. 

Hopefully this will inspire you get rolling & stay rolling! ?

Some of the things Arysta noticed in her body transformation:

1. Amazing decrease in muscle tightness and stiffness – A more supple and functional body was created with less exercise and effort with greater results!

2. Reduction of over all size of muscles – Due to improved lymphatic drainage, cellulite reduction, fat tissue and edema and high tone tissues. Muscles became more supple, full of oxygen and free.  Body was able to repair with the consistent breakdown and cell turn over.

4. Skeleton aligned: With the fascia not pulling so tight and looser, the back pain neck and limbs all seemed to line up harmoniously again. Hips, spine and neck lines up and was not way out of balance.

3. A Pain free body – With improved injuries, of IT band syndrome, plantar fasciitis, lower back pain, upper trap and neck pain. When the trigger point pain returned, body had enough awareness to treat itself with the Travel Roller and Acupressure Balls on a continual basis.

4. Over all feeling of complete wellness and Improved positive body image – Inches were lost and kept off by initial foam rolling.  Energy returned and exercise was easier, so was the recovery!   As a Bonus, those athletic Quads could fit into jeans again and can do the Hero Pose -Virasana or a basic quad stretch!

5. Fountain of youth discovered! That youthful, invincibility returned with out all these adult signs of aging due to aches and pains. Happiness and ease, without pain and struggle. When we stop mobilizing we get old, stiffen and age. Travel Roller helped return the youthful elasticity to the muscles and freedom of the fascia.

The results can not be captured from just a photo, the feeling was deep skeletal & muscular alignment, because the Travel Roller just is that good!

Here is an evolution of  Travel Rollers over the years. Starting from Handmade 2007-2009 and to the Eco-friendly Deluxe versions we have today. We created Travel Roller to heal others, not to make millions, exploit others or the environment.  Staying true as a product and company for 8 years, because people love the results, quality, service that Travel Roller provides!

Thank you for everyone who has been part of the journey.


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