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Love your Body this Valentines Day!

This Valentines day lets celebrate Loving ourselves!  In order to love others we must work hard daily to be happy and love our self from the inside out!  Whats on the inside manifests into the physical and reflects onto the outside.   Having inner peace, love and happiness is the path to physical health, joy and vitality.

Self-love is not selfish, it is inspirational and empowering. Self-love becomes contagious as the more energy your have for yourself, the bigger the tank is to fuel others happiness. If you are constantly running on empty with energy and Vitality then you have nothing to share with others. If you want to have more energy and self-love:

–> Start by being inspired by other fit and healthy people with lots of energy. One thing you will notice is that they have a large amount of self love!  Let this empower  you and take action by showing your body some love with a little Rest, Relaxation with some Foam Rolling and Exercise.

–>Taking that time reward yourself to foam roll at the end of a long day will make you feel much more rejuvenated and have more energy. By doing this you will have more energy and Vitality to give to others!  -here are some tips to Love your Body and Soul!

 4 EASY Ways to Roll your way to more SELF-LOVE:


1.  Do it yourself -Relying on others for that full body massage. – Unless you are an athlete or get unlimited massages, most of us just cant afford the time or money to get frequent massages. Or we think we are going to get our spouse or partner to give us a foot rub or shoulder massage, usually it doesn’t happen or it turns into a torture session which does not build the best chemistry for a romantic evening. So quit complaining and roll out those kinks yourself, you will feel empowered and proactive which builds good self-love.


2. Honor your body. Your body is a Temple so respect it. Loving yourself makes you a healthier,  kinder, happier and a more positive person.  Taking care of your health and happiness first leaves your heart open to caring for others. Having respect for yourself leads you to have respect for others.


2. Roll with a group!  There is power in numbers. Having a training partner or have someone who you can foam roll at home like your spouse or children, makes it fun, social and you become accountable to each other. It shows the people around you that you care about yourself and choose to spend time with similar people who have great self-love.


4. OWN up to your pain! Take responsibility for your PAIN-  Some people often blame others for their lack of health, emotional pain that can manifest as physical pain and dysfunction. If that sounds familiar, alot of forgiveness and gratitude is needed to stay in the present moment and shedding the ego and look inside at become more loving toward yourself, one day at a time. Take those baby steps like Foam rolling out the kinks because its a therapeutic way you can help your body heal from your inner/outer scars.

Give yourself the gift of self-myofascial release and love all your 2000 parts this Valentines Day!  

With Love,

Arysta Bogner – Creator of the Travel Roller

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