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14 Day Foam Rolling RESET – THIS IS HOW WE ROLL®

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14 DAY Ultimate Foam Rolling RESET – The complete guide to high performance foam rolling course for total body wellness.

  • 14 Day Total Body RESET -Expert coaching to Improve mobility, posture mental/physical health.
  • Easy to follow -daily workouts & lessons 5-10 mins with expert cuing. Some longer workouts 20mins
  • Become a foam rolling expert -Learn How, When, What to Foam Roll -Pre/Post-Workout Methods
  • Weekly Full Body Functional Fitness Mobility Flows & Stability Exercises + Core Workouts
  • Learn the magic of Fascia. High-Performance Foam Roll & stretch Fascia Lines – Superficial Back, Front, Lateral, deep front line and arm line.
  • Weekly Mind-body rolling guided meditations with breathing, affirmations, intentions and positive energy shifts
  • Overcoming Back pain, Neck, It band pain, Lower/Upper crossed syndrome and general aches and pains
  • Abs Made in the Kitchen Bonus, Guided Meditation Bonus, Ab Challenge Bonus
  • Over 3.5 hours of practical and theory course content
  • 1 Year Access