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Roll Yourself Healthy -30 Day Healing Program

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Welcome to the revolutionary foam rolling & holistic fitness course designed to help heal your mind, body & soul. Over 225 mins of expert guiding foam rolling education broken down into easy to follow 5-10 mins/day of self-myofascial release/stability work + 15-20 min mind body DEEP healing sequences & restorations. Over 75 mins of Functional Fitness Workouts/Exercises. Over 30 mins of Mobility movement flows, and 30 mins of emotional & brain meditations. Plus over 60 mins of Nutrition Bonuses -Abs in the Kitchen Recipes & Extra Meditations. Included a 30 min Zoom call with Arysta Bogner to review your individual Goals.  LEARN MORE ABOUT ROLL YOURSELF HEALTHY COURSE

This course will accelerate your healing journey with short cut secrets of RECOVERY & HEALING.

By the end of the course you will: Have increased awareness of your body, become a foam rolling and recovery expert to manage your body pains, you will be able exercise harder with better recovery and you will feel less stressed. You will develop skills to getting a healthy functionally fit body, your core will be stronger, your spine will feel more aligned, nervous system will reset, mentally/emotionally feel more balanced, you will feel more grounded, supported and learn how to love yourself and you will feel empowered!  More energy, happiness, weight-loss and losing inches may be a side effect of this program. Equipment needed: Firm foam roller & ball. Resistance band/superband & small weights.