All courses are private and we are available to come to you, If you would like to have us do a course for you please contact us.

This is how we roll® Beginner introduction class. 1-2 hrs.

-Learn HOW to Body Roll properly & Effectively (This is How We Roll®)

-Learn WHY & WHAT we Roll to:

– Improve athletic performance
– Reduce Stress & aid in Weight Loss
– Improve posture & mobility
– Reduce Body Pain and Injury

-Develop the SKILLS to manage your own body pain with Foam Rollers, the Travel Roller® and SMR (Self Myofascial Release techniques)

-Learn basic fascial lines from Thomas Myers – Anatomy Trains and discover trigger points with ball techniques for feet, shoulders, hips and back.

Booking in Vancouver Area with Arysta call to inquire more…

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