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Services: Online Holistic Lifestyle, Weight-loss, body sculpting & Functional Fitness Programming.  Virtual Group fitness zoom sessions coming soon.  Small group outdoor training available in person in South Surrey/White Rock BC.   Corporate Wellness, Team Sport Coaching.   Spots are limited, to Book inquire by email.  Private 1-on-1 in home gym South Surrey Starting Fall 2021. (Covid safe protocols)


Arysta offers a range of expertise from functional Foam Rolling, weight loss, body sculpting, fascia fitness, nutrition and lifestyle coaching.

Train with Arysta Bogner: World Champion Fitness Model, Canada’s Top Bikini Model & Fit Momma Arysta Bogner.

Arysta Bogner, B. KIN (Honors Kinesiology), CPT, Fitness Expert. Creator of the Travel Roller, CEO of Time2Roll Inc.  Presenter, Certified Personal Trainer, Chek Holistic Lifestyle coach. Other Certifications: Nutrition & Wellness Specialist, Agatsu Kettlebell, Cross-fit Mobility Cert, Children’s Fitness Coach, Functional Foam Rolling, Nutrition & Wellness Specialist. Former co-owner Coach of the AIR Training Institute -Private Holistic Movement studio.

Arysta started her fitness career as a fitness model and personal trainer in 2007 but as she was trying to find a solution to her own over-training and back and body pains, she realized the way of training clients needed more self-care. Back in 2007 mobility and foam rolling was not a thing. With the Invention of the Worlds First Portable High-Performance Foam Roller, she began regenerating personal training clients with the first prototypes in 2008, it worked so well and people loved it so much, we couldn’t make them fast enough. It was indeed REVOLUTIONARY!

Arysta is the educator and presenter & sports model of Travel Roller, foam rolling specialist. She has traveled the world presenting Travel Roller Theory to trainers, coaches, physiotherapists, chiropractors, fitness stores, pharmacies for over 13 years and in your home on you tube with over 1 million views of Travel Roller instructions.  She has sold Travel Rollers to top NHL teams, Volleyball Canada, Snowboard Canada, Rowing Canada, Bobsleigh/Skeleton Canada, a wide variety of Summer and Winter Olympians. But most importantly she has helped bring high-performance recovery to everyone in your home, gym and lifestyle to assist in your own healing.



Working with Arysta was an incredible experience!  Meeting with Arysta twice a week for one hour was about targeted, specific training and nutritional education that had me looking better than I had in my entire life!  I have been an athlete my entire life and working out, but what I learned from Arysta was how to more effectively and safely do that and create the results I wanted.  I have also been interested in healthy eating most of my life but had no idea what I was eating was not working for my body.  Making the shift in my diet keeps me feeling healthy and light even when I am not training. Aly Pain — Professional Business Executive Coach

The ladies in the office where I work wanted a fitness program we could do in out lunch hour that wasn’t in a busy gym. Arysta was able to offer us that and more. Working with her had provided us all with better fitness level, weight loss, strength training and nutrition guidelines. She had been able to give us one-on-one training in a group session, which has allowed us to support each other during training and the office. We found her very motivating and recommend her program.  Brenda Sawers & Staff at Van Helden Agencies Ltd.