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The Original Travel Roller® is the best travel foam roller for massage, pain relief, improving flexibility, athletic performance, health & fitness.

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The Ultimate Foam Roller




TR-KIT NEW2All in one foam roller

Ergonomically correct diameter and non deforming minimalist foam technology

Achieve precise deep-tissue massage on your entire body restoring mobility faster

Travel Roller® 4.3

The original high-performance portable foam roller.

Mobility on the Go

Worlds first Travel Foam roller. Light-weight, durable. Take with you ANYWHERE your travels take you- only weighing 1.5 lbs

Portable Massage

This firm foam roller helps to alleviate pain, sore muscle, speed recovery and delivers deep tissue massage on the whole body.


Duel Density Customizable firmness

Duel Density foam roller with 2 layers of foam for hard or soft settings.

Washable & Waterproof

Easy to clean – washable and waterproof foam roller. It is made of special closed cell TPE foam – that does not harbor bacteria and is very hygienic.


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I make an effort to exercise every day, and 10 minutes on one of these portable foam rollers – which break down inter-cellular adhesion’s in muscles, as well as deliver a whooping self-massage – leave me feeling as refreshed as an hour-long professional massage. Also, a quick roll is magically rejuvenating after a long flight, or before hopping into bed.


The Travel Roller package with acupressure balls are my go to way of self therapy. It is my mobile massage system. As an elite massage therapist and Olympian,  I have not yet found anyone who can do a thorough therapy like my compact all in one partner, The Travel Roller. It combines my knowledge of the body to another level, by permitting me to do deep tissue and fascia releases which I have not been able to achieve with anyone other than Mr. TR himself! Portable Packaged Combo to give a body some love & good pain! The ultimate travel companion you never leave home without!


Christina Smith, OLY, MSA, BPE

During my trip, I used the Travel Roller twice a day for 15-20 minutes… results were immediate and continued getting better with daily use. Using it on my upper back and shoulders feels the same as a massage treatment – only I control the amount of time and it costs nothing! The Travel Roller paid for itself in two days.


When I want to guarantee the best results with foam rolling for my patients, I recommend the Travel Roller. It is the perfect combination of firmness, versatility, portability, and grip that achieves the most effective therapeutic effect. It has changed my life, my business and the lives of my patients.


Dr. Emmons, Chiropractor

There are several features of the Travel Roller, which are unique and thus make this product stand apart from other ‘foam rollers’. First and foremost is it’s size. The curvature is such that you can reach the toned/tight areas of the axilla and groin much easier and with much greater specificity. It is short and light, which as it’s name suggests facilitate travel. The surface material is ‘tacky’ and holds the superficial layers of fascia firm while the deeper layers of fascia can be accessed by ‘rolling/translating from the inside out’ and not merely sliding on the roller. The Travel Roller is a highly useful clinical tool and at Diane Lee & Associates – Consultants in Physiotherapy, we have one in every treatment room and highly endorse the product to our patients.


Diane Lee, Physiotherapist

“The Travel Rollers are simply the best rollers on the planet—a big call, I know, but we have had more experience with these devices than most. We have made the TRs the cornerstone of a new approach to stretching called RollStretch, and one that emphasizes fascia, that new ‘darling’ of anatomical research. What most people don’t know is that body workers of many kinds, including Rolfers, Treger workers, and Heller workers have focused on this substance, and have been doing so for 50+ years. I mention this because there are many in the fitness world who are discovering that working with fascia can facilitate amazing changes in the body, and everyone thinks that this is a new discovery. It is not.
What is new is the TR: a hard plastic cylinder, encased in two layers of foam, the second layer allows an increasing in the hardness of the pressure when the body can accept this, as well as allowing washing of the layers, too, should that be necessary. Inside the cylinder are three balls of differing hardness which allow particular points to be targeted—piriformis is a common favorite.”