5 Best Foam Rolling Exercises to “Feel Good” during the 2nd Trimester Pregnancy  (20 weeks pregnant)


Thanks for visiting our blog. We will be launching a new Fit Mom Pregnancy you tube video every Monday.  Arysta will be sharing her journey and tips how she stayed fit and managed pregnancy pain to “feel good” during her pregnancy. Stay tuned for Mobility Mom Mondays! #mobilitymom #fitmom #fitpregnancy #secondtrimester


In this video you will learn some of the best Foam Rolling exercises for the 2nd Trimester of Pregnancy—->



You will learn how to foam roll your Calves, Glute muscles,  Lower and Upper Back as well as the Quads and Hip flexor muscles. You will also learn how to use acupressure balls to hit tight and sore trigger point areas in your Piriformis muscle of your glutes.

This is a must have tool for all women who are pregnant!

Enjoy …. we wish you an amazing journey on your pregnancy, to a healthy mom and baby.

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Come back next week for Prenatal foam rolling for the

3rd Trimester!!!

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